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Yoga for Deskbound Professionals
Yoga for Stress and Anxiety

Your back hurts, your neck hurts…you may have migraines, carpal tunnel, or a hard time managing your stress. You work at a desk and look at a monitor for hours and hours every day.

Find out how you can alleviate many of these issues and more with
Yoga for Deskbound Professionals by Satya.

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Yoga for Deskbound Pros is helping Denver’s students, professors, lawyers, accountants, bankers, clerical and office employees, hospital staff and many others who find themselves in a seated position at a desk for hours and hours every day.

If you haven’t heard it yet, “Sitting is the new smoking” and Satya is helping numerous professionals alleviate the negative side effects that sitting has on their bodies.

Benefits of yoga for deskbound professionals

• Decreased stress, depression and anxiety •
• Improved sense of well-being and mood management •
• Better quality and quantity of sleep •
• Increased range of motion •
• Weight loss •
• Enhanced energy, digestion, joint health, circulation and respiration •
• Better productivity •
• Improved memory and mental focus •

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