Winter to Spring can be a challenging transition time for us, human beings. Have you noticed this? The weather is changing and the time change biologically throws us for a loop, too. In yoga, transitions are given special attention. What happens in between one activity or occurrence and the next? In this natural example, our focus is on what happens between one season and the next. In Colorado things can get really sticky, muddy and sloppy during this transition! It hasn’t happened yet, but we all know it’s coming. Similar qualities happen inside of us, in our bodies and in our minds. You might notice that thoughts can get sticky, muddy or sloppy, too. Our bodies have to clear out all the winter type foods we got used to eating to comfort us in the deep cold. So what do we do? One of my favorite breathing techniques of all time is called the Centering Technique and we focus on the “transitions” between our inhale and exhale. If you are at your desk right now, sitting or standing, why not take a brain break and have a listen to this short audio.(5 minutes) You will be able to use this technique anytime, anywhere as you are paying more attention to the days leading up to the equinox and also remember to Stand Up and Breathe! It’s time! Right Now! Yay! Take in a breath! A big one! For real, you can do this, no one can stop you and it’s all about your choice to Just Do It! Here is that audio. now sit back or even lay down on the floor and Enjoy!