Happy Valentines day! Did you get yourself a present? I recommend making yourself a self care checklist in honor of loving yourself today. It’ll only take you a few minutes and It’s better for you than eating another chocolate or a handful of those conversations hearts. Stand up and breathe! Then settle in and reflect on what you like to do when you make time for yourself. What activities are really nourishing to you? What makes you feel relaxed? Use these questions as your guidelines so you have a balance of self care activities.


What can you do to:

  •  take care of your mind and thoughts
  • take care of your physical health and body
  • take care of your spiritual health
  • take care of your emotions
  • Make it a habit to do 1-2 things(at least) on your checklist a day. Remember this is not meant to stress you out. Make these self care to dos, doable! Here is mine:
  • Walk my dog in the open space
  • a few minutes of yoga and breathing by myself
  • reading a chapter of my book in my cozy chair by the window with a cup of tea
  • looking up a recipe, finding the ingredients and making a healthy and tasty meal
  • Morning Meditation which means:
  • Going to bed by 10pm so I can get up before everyone else in my house to meditate
  • Go to the rec center and soak in the hot tub and steam room and sauna
  • Taking a 20 minute power nap
  • Take a hot bath with epsom salts
  • listening to a meditation podcast
  • Attending Family Program at Eldorado Mt. Yoga Ashram
  • Journaling, audio or writing

“Breathe and let be.” 

Satya Larrea