December is such a busy month, isn’t it? Things can really get crazy at work with end-of-the-year deadlines and holiday parties. There isn’t a single one of us who isn’t affected by the hustle and bustle of this month in some way or another. Here we are, already in December, and just the thought of the date can spike our anxiety.

Now just take in a deep breath. Yes…right now. Breathe in and hold it for a few seconds, then breathe out. Now close your eyes and do it again. How does that feel? Compassion for the self is a must right now. How, you ask? How can you possibly fit in self-care at your desk when it’s so busy? Here’s a simple way — give it a try!  Remember, the first step is always to Stand Up and Breathe!

Step 1. Stand up and breathe!

Step 2. Bend and lift your elbows to shoulder height, out to the sides — this is called “cactus arms,” or, if you like football, “goal post arms.”

Step 3. Now look upwards and BREATHE!

That’s it…repeat as you feel the need. Add some of your own movements to stretch out your back and legs. It’s like hitting your own reset button!

Let me know how you like it, or share your favorite “reset button” with the rest of us! We can help our fellow deskbound pros whether they’re at the home office, the coffee shop, at school, or in the workplace. Share the goodness…another simple way to take care of yourself this season!



“Breathe and let be.”