We were discussing resistance and acceptance last week and that’s where the concept of “surrender” came up. I know from teaching meditation and yoga, that most people do not have a clear definition of this word…surrender. My students typically identify the term “surrender” with waiving the white flag, retreating, and essentially giving up. What are they giving up, though? That is the question! When we truly give up something there is an immediate gain, or instant gratification sometimes. There is another way to think about “surrender” that can be very useful when it comes to self care and working out, or what I prefer to call “working in“. We can choose to surrender our struggle and our suffering. When our shoulders are killing us and our backs are aching we can choose to notice it rather than ignore our body. We shift our attention from the pain to the breath. Have you noticed, every time, we usually come back to the breath? We don’t have to sacrifice our health and wellbeing for our work!  If you haven’t done so already since starting to read this, take a deeper breath right now. Push your chair back, Stand up…and breeeeathe! Ahhh, that’s so much better. Now try this, place your hands on your desk and walk back a few steps and stretch out your back. That’s it, now breathe some more. Big deep breaths in through your nose, and out through your nose.. Now come back, and roll your shoulders forward, and then backward, in the opposite direction, breathing in slowly and breathing out slowly. That’s it!  Doesn’t that feel so much better? Remember, you always have the choice to breathe deeper, relax, and surrender. Surrender your pain and stiffness and not your self care! Here’s to a great February!

“Breathe and let be.”