You know the Nike slogan, Just Do It? Well, that’s what it boils down to. Our minds try to rationalize the best time to start yoga or working out or a new diet, etc. There is no such thing as a “best time”. The best time is right now, today, this moment. I had a big project over the holidays. I gutted my entire home office. Both my husband and I share the same office and we both have our own businesses. The office also serves as the T.V. room and essentially the “Man Cave” where my husband likes to use his kettle bells and watch HBO. Keep in mind this is not a large room by any means. I hauled everything out, all the files, all the random papers, all the manuals, all the various organizational paraphernalia, basically, the vast accumulation since the beginning of time. The contents of the office filled up the floor space of another room in the house. This was a big job and I knew I was not going to complete the task all in one day. I just did a little sorting, recycling, throwing away, giving away, every time I could. It took me a little over a month. Yesterday, I completed the task. As I got closer to the end, the nitty gritty, I became more efficient, even more motivated, I had created a nice momentum. Now that it’s done, I feel so much accomplishment. You can do this too, with whatever your self care “project” is at the moment. You can do a little yoga at your desk right now as you pause here from reading this blog and twist from side to side. Then you can Stand Up and Breathe! Take in a bigger breath, now. Remember, JUST DO IT! Two feet on the floor and lift your arms up as you breathe in and lower your arms as you breathe out. Maybe you want to start a meditation practice? Close your eyes right now, you can do it right here, this moment. Set your timer for 1 -5 minutes, close your eyes and start to follow your breath, say to yourself “I am breathing in” when you inhale and “I’m breathing out” when you exhale. That’s it. You just started your meditation practice, take a moment to conceptualize about what your practice will look like tomorrow.

“Breathe and let be.” 
Satya Larrea