What comes to my mind right now is the topic of “Loving Kindness”, in Buddhism there is a word for this and it’s “Metta”.  One reason, I’m thinking of Metta, is simply because of “what’s happening now” in our country, and that’s all I need to say about that. The other reason is that February is the month of an important holiday…Valentine’s Day. A day that we celebrate Love. Valentines is celebrated in most western countries as well as in Europe and even some countries in Asia. Metta is much more than chocolate and flowers, and don’t get me wrong, chocolate really can make everything all better…most of the time! My blog focus usually comes around to self care and in particular self care at the office, or more simply put, self care at work, whatever it is that you do. So, what does Loving Kindness have to do with work? Does it even belong in the workplace? Doesn’t it seem a little lofty to think of  love and kindness when you have a deadline to meet?  Quite the contrary. Work is where we spend most of our time. Most of us are up against our most challenging relationships at work. Whether it’s your boss, a competitive colleague or even yourself! See, the way Loving Kindness works is, it all starts with you and how kind you are to yourself. What do you tolerate that doesn’t serve you day in and day out at your job? Might you have some choice over what that may be? Let’s just say for example you tolerate back pain, wrist pain, neck pain. Or maybe it’s not your body, maybe it’s your mind! You’re anxious, depressed and your stress levels are out of control! You can indeed, control your own thoughts and now that’s where Metta comes in. The concept is… we can’t truly be nice to another, if we aren’t being kind to ourselves. Until we fully understand this and have compassion for our own bodies and minds, then and only then can we have kindness for someone else. And that is where true transformation takes place. Imagine this, you are kind to yourself at work, everyone you work with is kind to you and you are kind to everyone you work with. What would that be like? How would you feel about waking up and going to work tomorrow? How would you feel different when you came home at the end of the day? Loving kindness, Metta is not about changing others, It’s not about saying I love you, being mushy and buying things for other people. Metta is pausing to take in a breath, adjusting your posture or standing up and giving yourself a healthy break. Metta is, noticing your mind when it judges another or yourself unfairly, and then saying silently, “May I be Kind to myself”, instead. Learn more about how to practice Metta at work in this audio recording it’s under 4 minutes!

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