It’s the 3rd week into January. So, how is your motivation level holding up? Some of us, still going strong since the new year. Others of us, our motivation is starting to wane. Sometimes, events in life don’t exactly help us, despite our great intentions. So, what is intention and how can we really live it and keep it real? Without getting out the Webster’s here, my definition of intention is: something that I feel is important to me, it’s my ideal, how I see myself at my best. Now, what motivates me? That’s the question I want you to pause for a moment, close your eyes, and ask yourself. Ready? What motivates me? Take in a deep breath, eyes closed, What motivates me? Stop here and breathe. What did you see when you closed your eyes? What did you hear? What did you feel in your body? Are there any sensations present? You may have to go deeper, ask again. Here is the deal with motivation, it’s individual. There is no magic pill or program to keep us motivated, forever. Eventually, what motivates us today will change tomorrow. But here is something the will always be useful to you in keeping in touch with your motivation, it’s called the “witness”. If you’ve done any meditation before, this may be familiar. The witness is when you watch yourself. Meditation is a great place to practice the witness, basically you are watching your mind. You mind goes all over the place. Your mind pays attention to your body, your posture for example, if you slump your shoulders, you might start to feel sad or depressed. Try it now and see how it makes you feel. Now, if you lift up your shoulders and your chest you start to feel more neutral or maybe even more positive, it might even promote a deeper breath, which relaxes your nervous system and your mind perceives as you feeling open, maybe even a little happy. So, let’s say you witness yourself, taking a second helping when you are already full, or you witness yourself working late at the office rather than leaving work on time so you can get to that yoga class or the gym. Just watch, and not only watch yourself, watch yourself with compassion. Watching yourself with compassion, is the real magic pill. Be the compassionate witness, this means you’re not beating yourself up when you see yourself making a choice that doesn’t support your intention. Then as soon as you can, do your best. Take a baby step, what might that step be for you? Maybe it’s standing up and taking a breath, maybe it’s putting your legs up the wall and an eye pillow over your eyes at the end of the day. You see it doesn’t really matter what you do, what matters that you… Just Do It, with compassion.

“Breathe and let be.” 

Satya Larrea