I’m in the weeds right now with coursework for my certification. The holidays are rapidly creeping up, work is crazy, and there are parties no one really wants to go to, but everyone feels obligated to attend. Some, not all. Ok, most! Very often this season brings with it a sense of dread and too many responsibilities.  Responsibilities we may be piling on ourselves…but do we really NEED to?

Staying on top of self-care is really tough right now, isn’t it?! This morning I got up, barely…somehow I peeled off the covers and did my meditation practice, and also took the dog for a walk, which is baseline self-care for me. While I was walking, I did an audio journal. Have you ever heard of audio journaling? Maybe not. I may have invented it! Well, to explain, it’s a lot like talking to yourself! People would think I was completely nuts if they saw me alone and talking away to myself, but I put my earbuds in, hit the voice record button on my phone, and it kind of looks like I’m talking on my phone. I just go through my mind and say whatever I need to say, whatever I want to say, completely uncensored. It’s very therapeutic and very cheap — just you and yourself! Sometimes I listen to it, and sometimes I don’t. Either way, it helps me to know myself, how I feel, and where I stand on the current issues in my life. Verbally acknowledging current issues or emotions will only assist you in handling emotional rollercoasters, and more efficiently. Emotions are often very difficult to express (even if you are a an “open book” type of person). Sometimes it’s easier to talk to ourselves and to remind ourselves that we need to express our emotions in a way that’s most comfortable for each of us. Audio journaling is very comfortable for me. I recommend you give it a try sometime! It’s the most affordable and best therapy out there! And who better to give you fabulous advice than yourself?!

This holiday season, remember what you are grateful for, whether it’s your friends, family, or even your pets, but also remember, YOU, YOURSELF, are the most important…taking care of others, without taking care of yourself, will leave you empty. Fill up your self-care “tank” so that you can take on whatever the world may offer. 

Once you try audio journaling yourself, comment on your experiences! I would love to hear about them!


“Breathe and let be.”