About Satya

I have 20+ years of experience helping people who suffer from stress and anxiety manage their fears and start feeling alive again.

I know it sounds funny when I say that what I do for work is teach people how to breathe – but it’s true! I show deskbound professionals and others who feel like the stress from their jobs is taking a toll their lives how to chill out and relax so that they can feel alive and enjoy life again.

I’ve managed anxiety and stress using my breath, yoga postures, and meditation for over 20 years. As an accomplished yoga educator, I’ve overcome many of the things you’re likely struggling with yourself:

  • How to tame your wild thoughts
  • How to choose what postures are right for your body
  • How to know what breathing techniques to do

I help people get reconnected to their bodies. My motto is Stand up and breathe! If you are stuck at a desk, take a moment for yourself and take a breath. You can do this! Get out of pain, tame your stress, and feel comfortable in your body again.

Difficulty sleeping?
Aching back, neck and shoulders?
Migraines or headaches from looking at the computer all day?

I’d love to help!

Schedule a 30 minute Introductory discovery session to learn more.

“Satya has a truly incredible skill for healing. In a culture where we are so quick to treat any kind of pain with medications and invasive procedures, Satya is offering a holistic, safe, non-invasive approach to healing. I would never have believed how effective yoga therapy could be if I hadn’t experienced it myself. I’d had relentless lower back pain for months before working with Satya, and after three one-hour 1 on 1 sessions was completely pain free! I have not had any back pain since. And perhaps more importantly, I learned so much about body mechanics, my own tendencies for compensation, and how to work on subtle muscle movements. I would highly recommend these sessions for everybody, whether you are currently experiencing pain or not!”

— Katie Lewis —

Professional Background

Satya is:

  • An experienced yoga teacher trainer leading 200- and 500-hour trainings since 1999
  • A successful yoga educator teaching Denver’s finest deskbound pros to “stand up and breathe!”
  • A savvy businesswoman with a background in managing a small yoga studio in Denver since 2004
  • E-RYT 500 yoga teacher and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist in training
  • Eager to help you reclaim your mental and physical well-being

Personal stuff

I’m originally from Riverside, New Jersey. That’s right, I’m a Jersey girl! I reside and love living in Louisville, Colorado. The open space outside my door is where you’ll find me walking with my dog, Louie, and my partner in life, Mike. When it’s snowing, I slap on my cross-country skis at the end of the driveway, breathe in the fresh air, and I thank my lucky stars for being able to call this place home.

I believe in living by my priorities, and for me, health, well-being, and family are at the top of my list. Enter yoga! I’ve made my passion and what keeps me healthy my profession.

I’m a mother, a yogini, and a wannabe gardener. I love journaling, nonviolent communication, and Om Namah Shivaya; I collect sacred art, enjoy peace and quiet, and light incense and candles constantly; my child is my favorite teacher.

My favorite place is the temple at Shoshoni Yoga Retreat in Rollinsville, CO, and anywhere that I can feel life’s sacred pulse.

On my bucket list is taking my daughter on a volunteer vacation to South America and also to India.